About me

My name is Fu Tongyou. Currently I am a third-year computer science undergrad at Shandong University.

From my point of view, computer science is a field where scientific research and engineering are closely combined, and among which, what I love the most is software engineering.

As one who has passion for programming, my career ambition is to create high-quality applications to help with development of the information age. Besides, I hope to maintain a steady work-life balance.

To achieve this goal, my current plan is to get some experience in software development thorough the internship.


ACM-ICPC Contestant

2019.03 - Present

The International Collegiate Programming Contest is an extra-curricular, competitive programming sport for students at universities around the world, which provides gifted students opportunities to interact, demonstrate, and improve their teamwork, programming, and problem-solving process.

I have been woring on it since the first year at college by learning data structures and algorithms and keeping exercises on online-judges almost every day. Recently My teammates and I are preparing for ICPC Asia Regional in the next spring.

Teaching Assistant

2019.09 - 2020.01
Shandong University at Weihai

I assisted Professor Yuan Hao in our university with teaching C Programming Language in my second year at college.

Project Manager

2019.05 - Present
Ka'er Digital Technology Co., Ltd

I have a post in the company of my senior at college, which is engaged in the research in music and artificial intelligence.

I was involved in the processing of deep learning datasets, which was a part of our project on automatic music composition and harmony.


I have to admit that I lack experience in engineering, and that is why I am eager to get an intership. Some of the following projects are my individual projects, while others are for my on-campus courses.

awesome-bot - A multi-functional chatbot developed in NoneBot and CoolQ.
LIMS - A library information management system developed in Laravel PHP MVC framework.
MGIT_Codeforces - Codeforces rating of ACMers at SDUWH on visualization.


  • 2020 Collegiate Computer Systems & Programming Contest - Bronze Medal
  • The 12th Challenge Cup National College Student Business Plan Competition - Bronze Medal
  • 2019-2020 Shandong University Scholarship - First prize
  • Skills & Proficiency