About me

I am Tongyou Fu. Currently I am a fourth-year computer science undergrad at Shandong University.

From my point of view, computer science is a field where scientific research and engineering are closely combined, and among which, what I love the most is software engineering.

As one who has passion for programming, my career ambition is to create more high-quality applications to help with development of the information age.

To achieve this goal, my current plan is to get some experience in software development through the internship and to pursue a master’s degree in CS or SE in England starting from Fall 2022.


ACM-ICPC Contestant

2019.03 - Present

The International Collegiate Programming Contest is an extra-curricular, competitive programming sport for students at universities around the world, which provides gifted students opportunities to interact, demonstrate, and improve their teamwork, programming, and problem-solving process.

I have been preparing for it since the first year at college by learning data structures and algorithms and keeping exercises on online-judges almost every day.

Project Manager

2019.05 - Present
Ka'er Digital Technology Co., Ltd

I have a post in the company of my senior at college, which is engaged in the research in music and artificial intelligence.

Recently I am involved in the processing of deep learning datasets, which is a part of our project on automatic music composition and harmony.

Teaching Assistant

2019.09 - 2020.01
Shandong University at Weihai

I assisted Professor Hao Yuan in our university with teaching C Programming Language in my second year at college.


Some of the following projects are my individual projects, while others are for my on-campus courses.

awesome-bot - A multi-functional chatbot developed in NoneBot and CoolQ.
LIMS - A library information management system developed in Laravel PHP MVC framework.
MGIT_Codeforces - Codeforces rating of ACMers at SDUWH on visualization.

Honors & Qualifications

  • CCF CCSP 2020 - Bronze Medal
  • CCF CCSP 2020 (East China) - Silver Medal
  • The 10th Blue Bridge Cup Programming Contest in Shandong - Second Prize
  • The 4th Weihai Collegiate Programming Contest - Siver Medal
  • 2019-2020 Shandong University Scholarship - First prize
  • Skills & Proficiency








    HTML5 & CSS